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Slap Your Mama Catering and Event Services



Our Story

For the past 20 years I have supplied a service in hopes that we could bring an old idea back to life in the wedding and event industry; a one stop event shop! Over the  years we have added services so that we could provide a one stop shop for our clients.  We understand how busy life can be and how much easier it makes your event to deal with one person. We have found that our clients desire simplicity. We are willing to take on anything to make your event less stressful.

We started out in 1997 by offering coordinating services only and then realized that we had some very good food options to offer, so we did. For the next several years we worked those two areas, coordinating and food.  We learned a lot along the way of how to make the food presentation not only beautiful, but up to date with what is trending, while staying unique to the client and their vision.


Menu and Rentals

As our discovery of new recipes grew along with our willingness to make whatever was requested, we found ourselves in a very versatile situation that allowed us to expand what we could offer as a whole.  We also decided to handle all rental needs. Allowing the client to to only deal with our service. We make sure they are delivered and setup accordingly. Again, this added another facet of what we could offer.  We have established a great working relationship with a several of the best rental companies and for years we have worked together to provide a great rental service.


Fresh Floral Arrangements

It seemed as we got more comfortable with the new additions more would be requested.  We found that flowers were something we not only could do, but could do well. Fresh flowers have always been a favorite of mine, but something about using them to do the cosmetic part of the job was not only fun, but truly inspirational.  I love seeing what brides are picking out these days. It is so awesome seeing all those pops of color throughout the whole event to help tie it all together!



I am not a baker by any means and I am so glad that we have connections with people who are.  We have been able to offer cakes to brides for many years now. I have 3 or 4 cake makers that all do a wonderful job and offer different levels of pricing so that we can keep clients within their budget.  From naked cakes, traditional white cake with buttercream and even the most fanciest of fondant, we can make sure your cake stacks up to anyone’s. I have to say, our cakes are extremely good and we really have not found any that are better than what our bakers can offer.


Our Purpose

When I got married, my husband and I had to pay for the majority of the event.  We had a small budget but we still wanted to give our guests a nice day for coming to spend it with us.  I really thought that making my services affordable was exactly how we could help anyone have what they dreamed of.  I have worked with all kinds of budgets. I want to make sure that we remain competitive and offer better pricing than other event coordinators.  I do not shy away from small budgets where every penny counts. Those are some of my favorites because it allows me to work from the heart and do what I can to help someone else have their special day without worrying about how will they pay for it all.  I take each event’s situation into consideration and work it out so that their day is about the vision, not about the budget. In doing this, it has always worked out!

I had one bride, a high school friend, that was entering her second marriage and I told her that I wanted her reception area to be a surprise.  I asked her to trust me to accomplish what she told me and allow me to do the little things I wanted to do for her. I also asked her and her future husband to allow time for me to show them the reception area first so that she could take it all in, outside of greeting all of their friends and family. They agreed! The look on her face that day has been the staple of what I strive to do.  I never get tired of that look that such happiness brings. It is a driving force for me to take on more and do it better than the time before.  I look at a event as a blank canvas to create the dream and make it their day!

Being in business for myself has really enabled me to pass along the goodness God has shown me to others. It is one of the best feelings in the world to be able to help a new client get everything that they really wanted.  We always expect the client to be happy with the finished product. We know we got it right when we see the look on the faces of family and friends. 


"Great caterer, easy to work with, delicious food!

/  Satisfied client  /


Our Staff

Our staff consists of 15-20 people.  They all are fantastic at what they do and each bring great personalities to work with. Wonderful men and women who work full-time and part-time. We have single moms, teachers and students, but they all make it fun and we have a great time on each job.  Most of my staff has been referred to me by other staff members. That really lets me know that we create a very good working environment and we all have the same goal for the day.  We all treat the client’s day as if it were our own. The client’s day is important to our entire staff!


"Love love love LOVE Kimberley to pieces! She did it all for us: flowers, linens, food, drinks, silverware, chargers, cake plates, decor.. I'm probably forgetting something - truth be told, she is hands down a total lifesaver! Such a sweet lady, easy to talk to and work with. She made it easy for us, did everything in her power to do what we wanted for our special day and keep it in our budget. Will definitely use her for future occasions and gatherings. 5 million stars! 

/  Satisfied client  /